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'tis the season

it's that time of year again. 'tis the season to spread your holiday cheer. to deck your house from head to toe in holiday lights. and, in the case of every other house in campbell, to erect giant inflatable snowmen in the front lawn.

'tis the season to buy an artificial tree and cram dozens of gifts beneath it. 'tis the season to kill off that real tree you saved by buying an artifical tree by wrapping those dozens of gifts in yard after yard of coated paper.

'tis the season to draft yet another form letter to share generic news with friends and family. 'tis the season to run the overworked postal carrier ragged by delivering tons and tons of similar form letters to everyone on your list. 'tis the season to bring truth to the "six degrees of separation" law.

'tis the season to celebrate with your co-workers by regifting that crappy white elephant gift you received from the guy who got laid off in Q2.

so spread the holiday cheer. 'tis the season to show your family members how much you love them. 'tis the season to bask in the artificial glow from your artificial tree.

happy holidays (i guess)!


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