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how to grill pizza

One of the best parts of living in California is dining alfresco. Nothing is better than the ability to fire up the grill 365 days a year.

I'm a big fan of my grill. And I'm an even bigger fan of wood-fired pizza. So after growing a bit tired of grilling chicken and veggies and salmon, I came up with a way to make pizza...grill-style.

Get started with a fresh handmade dough. Flour, yeast, water, and a bit of oregano and/or basil. While you let the dough rise, prep your ingredients: sauce, toppings, cheese. You'll also need a bit of primo virgin olive oil. The sky's the limit.

Fire up the grill, nice and hot. Oil the grill surface. Roll out your dough and brush with a bit of that tasy olive oil.

Spread the dough across the surface and cover. Let the dough bake for 2-3 minutes, just enough time to get some nice grill marks across the surface.

Remove the dough from the grill and brush the top with oil before flipping over. Add your toppings to the grilled side: sauce, veggies, meat, cheese, whatever. Then slide the pie back onto the surface, crack a beer, and chill for 5-7 minutes.

Bingo. You've got a fresh grilled pizza to enjoy.

I'm in "personal pizza" mode. So everyone can customize their own pie. C'mon over. We'll grill it up.


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