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It's the Happiest Place on Earth. Chock full of strollers and teenie boppers and families stuck paying high prices for mediocre food and cheaply-made souvenirs. Disneyland has changed. And yet it remains exactly the same.

Before Saturday, it had been well over a decade since my last visit to the Magic Kingdom. Some of the classic rides still deliver the thrills: Matterhorn, Thunder Mountain Railroad, Mister Toad's Wild Ride. And some of the new attractions hold the same spirit as the originals: most notably Indiana Jones.

Disneyland is all about feeling young and small. Main Street, the Jungle Cruise, the Haunted Mansion. Even with a bachelor's degree and a skeptical eye, one can't help but be swept up by the place. And the Fast Pass option, in which park-goers can hedge their bets on shorter lines, helps spread the flow of traffic.

So that's what it feels like to this Disneyfan. Despite the army of child-bearing vehicles, the plethora of ass cleavage from pre-teens, and the $8 price tag for drinks, the Mouse continues to make it happen.

To quote our Governator: I'll be back.


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